06 January 2009

cafe au lait

Zak - I feel like your blog has reminded me why blogs are fun. I feel a bit more inspired. So I might end up writing on here more.

So, topic for today: my play (insert evil maniacal laugh here)

I'm writing this play for Tyler's senior project. I know Tyler has seen this blog, but I don't think he often comes here, which gives me leave to write about how super STOKED I am about this play.I have no idea if he'll even want to use it because he has so many other good ideas, bit that won't matter because I'll just give it to one of my grad school friends to produce in a couple of years or something.

Let me just say, first off, it feels sooooo good to write fiction again. I don't think I've really attempted it for over two years now, maybe three. It's something I've missed a great deal. I've discovered that my most creative stuff comes out on pen and paper and not through typing even though I can type faster than I write.

Basic premise: Romeo and Juliet meets expressionism meets String Theory.

Which sounds completely insane. Though I probably am insane. In order to brush up on my string theory, I'm reading The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene. It's a fantastic book thus far and a lot easier to read than some of that stuff Telford shoved down our throats. Who would've thought that after college I would have become interested in quantum mechanics. Life long learner indeed.

Where we lay our scene: a coffeeshop. Where Romeo's mournful love is a coffeeshop folk singer and his Juliet is a string theorist. What is exciting for me is that these people have normal, semi-shy interactions with each other, but the actions of the play Romeo and Juliet come forth through an expression of his own inner psychological experience. Shakespeare's play always felt a little too rush for my taste. Who actually does fall in love at first sight and get married a day later? C'mon Wills! I'm also playing with the moon vs sun imagery, which I hope any Shakespeare fan will be able to pick up on.

Now the part that gets even more interesting is when the expressionist scenes get too mixed up with reality. We don't know what's real. And string theory, the idea that the whole universe has multiple dimensions that are all folded up on each other within these tiny little strings. Well, this play will fold up on itself and maybe a double suicide isn't the only ending worth considering.

Yay theatre!


  1. FUN stuff, Lynne. Where ARE you living these days? Is it Redlands? I'd love a post about your environment...

  2. Aw geez, my location is by far the most boring piece of my life at the moment and what I complain about the most. I want to travel and I'm stuck in Redlands.

    Not to say that I won't be traveling soon, but the waiting is usually the hardest.

  3. Lynne,

    I just finished reading the first half of the play, and I really enjoyed it. I love the use of string theory, it adds a nice dimension to the piece. (no pun intended)

  4. you are a force to be reckoned with lynne!