28 March 2010

a poem for no one

The moon shines brightly on my head tonight.
I look out from my balcony into a valley I do not hold dear,
Because that notch I love is far and away.
Where there are waters and sands and hills.
The stars are the same, even if they illuminate less.

The stars are the is because they were, are, and continue to be and
Still were placed and named by the
Eternal Is, Was, Will Be who knows the secrets of the skies
We've only begun to know.

I've only begun to know
My heart and yours'.
There are years ahead of this precious Life gift.
The Gifts that throttle you back and forth
Are the Gifts worth getting.

What is this ever-present waiting sensation?
Where all [pronoun] do is say "Let's go"
But stay rooted to the shoes and the almost dead tree.
If I were stronger then I would let you go.
But I haven't found anyone that surpasses
the laughter and the philosophical escapades.

I remember Orion's journey across the sky.
From nine to one it tickled my insides.
On cold nights he wakes and every sighting
Searches what is left of this heart of mine.
We are so fragile.
Maybe one day, I'll let You in.

26 March 2010

all that you wish to leave behind

I think my instability could possibly be measured in how I feel when I am not constantly surrounded by people or things to do. These moments alone frighten me. For I am scared of being alone.

If I could move to San Francisco
or Chicago
or London
I would.

Thanks to everyone who made my spring break unbelievably fun and wonderful :D

20 March 2010

le sigh

I don't know why I thought that would turn out better than it did.

10 March 2010