18 June 2009


Good news!

Since the physical therapy is through workers' comp, it means that my gas gets reimbursed as well. My mom just emailed me that the check came this week. This seriously could not have better timing because I need money for this trip and for being able to pay for things before I get the next paycheck after going back to work :D

16 June 2009

come all you weary

I think I'm tired.

Not physically tired. I've slept alright the past few days esp. since I had days off. I think I'm socially tired. I think I'm spiritually tired.

I think I'm tired of the routine of always meeting new people. The coming and going. Never spending enough time with people in order to feel comfortable. I hide, I shrink inside my shell. Waiting for the time to pass til I can go on with something else.

I'm tired of this conversation:
"Where in the States are you from?"
"Oh really? Where abouts?"
"I'm about an hour drive from LA."
"And do you study?"
"I graduated from university a year ago."
"And what did you study?"
"English literature and theatre."
"And are you going on to graduate studies?
"I'm going to start a master's program in the fall. I'll be doing costume design. Like theatre and stuff."
"WOW! That's neat. I didn't know you could get a degree in that."
(you along with everyone else) "Yeah, there are lots of schools that do."

Can't I just hang out with someone who knows me?

15 June 2009

random musings

Is it weird that I miss my ringtone? The wonderful feeling of "I am loved! Someone is calling me!" And the tone reminds me of how fragile life can be and how important relationships are.

"How the story went isn't how the story has to go" how do we do that? do everything without complaining and arguing
We've lost the plot and make up excuses for why we don't want to do something. I don't like this so I'm just going to make noise with my mouth. Gonguesmas
There is always a larger story. Do not forget the larger story. Remember remember remember