31 March 2011

never been better

I started the Body for Life program on Wednesday, March 9th. Three weeks later and I have never felt better in my life.

  • I'm cooking and eating really healthy
  • I never realized how tasty the weird looking vegetables are
  • I gained an inch of muscle on my biceps!
  • My self-esteem is probably the best it's been all my life
  • Cooking (instead of running to the cafeteria at school) is actually faster, because I cook one day a week and microwave the rest
  • I've been having friends over for meals too -- which is the way that meals should be anyhow: communal
  • I can run up a flight of stairs (while skipping every other one) without getting out of breath
All for the glory of God. My body being a temple for the Holy Spirit. Following this program is helping me love the Life I have.