18 August 2010

oh, little ol' me

I'm just a messed up girl
who thinks too much
and likes talking about emotions
but I rarely do so aloud.
So I guess that means I think too much there too.

Most of all, I want to connect with people.
I want love. To have love: give love.
That's what we must do.
Fill up and overflow.

I'd love to wander down that street. I imagine it's Paris. Oh, to be in Paris once more! To be in Paris and just be. Be outside a sidewalk café with un cafe et une crème brûlée. Except I don't drink un café. I'd rather have une tasse de thé.

11 August 2010

you just can't count on people

It's a cliche, but it's kind of true. And kind of isn't.

You can't count on friends to give you what you need (and how are they to know what you need in the first place?).
You can't count on flirtatious texting.
You can't count on your mattress to stay fluffy.
You can't count on returned phone calls.
You can't count on your family to always be understanding.

I think this kind of contemplation is a little disheartening, more because I feel like it's a reflection on me, and perhaps less on my fellow humanity (because, of course, it's all about me). I say this because I'd like to think that I am the sort of person that people can count on to be there, to call, to encourage, to...anything. But, I do mess up. I say the wrong thing occasionally. Or the awkward thing. I couldn't be everything he wanted me to be.

The only one you can count on is God. And sometimes he seems more like an invisible friend than anything else. But he's not. He's real. And knowing that, is truly a gift.

01 August 2010

omg shoes

I sucked in my breath and whispered "epiiiic" to myself when I saw these.
I <3 turquoise. You can find these on ModCloth, but they are unfortunately sold out.