27 May 2010


Bianca and her boyfriend, Steve, watched New Moon this evening and I dared to join them. I suggested Rifftrax as exemplified above, but they said no. Unfortunately.

New Moon was significantly better than Twilight, which is saying a lot. I think that the best way to sum up the movie is to quote Steve: "Wait, did she just say, 'I love you, don't make me choose, because it'll always be him'? What a cunt!!"

There it is, ladies and gentlemen. Stephanie Meyer is teaching the next generation of women to find their only worth and value in the love men give them and thereby reverse the advances of 50 years of feminism by making such a disastrous female the heroine of a poorly devised narrative.

Seriously, if more young women out there would read Jane Austen, they might learn a thing or two about life and love before they throw themselves at the first shiny vampire they meet.

25 May 2010

job hunting

I've been going around to all the restaurants in Valencia looking for a job. I hate job hunting, but it must be done. I must pay my rent.

I hope that something works out soon because I feel very restless. And living in a house where half the people are gone and most of my friends from CalArts are gone, I'm starting to feel lonely. I need to get in the habit of calling people soon or I'm going to get very lonely and depressed and that's never a good thing.

I watched Moulin Rouge last night. It provided an odd emotional reaction for me this time around. While I was moved, at the same time all I could think was "well, that kind of love doesn't exist." Am I turning cynical? Have I become jaded by my bad love experiences (or rather the lack of good ones)? Le sigh.

24 May 2010

but I want to go to Brighton!!

I just watched a silly teen angst movie that's set in the UK. And I swear that they filmed in Herne Bay, where I stayed when I was in Kent for three weeks during England Semester. But I'm also very sure that they filmed in Brighton.

This little fact peaked my interest in Brighton. And I've discovered that it's quite the bustling city. Full of art and Fringe Festival goodness.

Which means I must move there. I want to live in the UK and I want to live by the ocean. Brighton is the answer. Now if only I could finish my degree long distance, everything would be swell.

23 May 2010


They told me what the opera is to be.

And it includes:
dysfunctional families
ritual slaughterings
sexual perversion
the waking of the dead

I was wrong. The opera is going to be bloody fantastic. I need to learn to trust Ellen's judgment a little more.

21 May 2010


"This is the sin of Sodom; she and her suburbs had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not help or encourage the poor and needy. They were arrogant and this was abominable in God's eyes." Ezekial 16:49

Oh God, that we would recognize our prosperous standard of living and humble ourselves to help those in need. Let us recognize the sin of Sodom in our society.

wrestling on the beach is fun

My arm hurts.

20 May 2010


Mid-residency review today. Let's hope Ellen doesn't dash all my hopes and dreams and crush my spirit. I doubt she will, but there's always that tiny sliver of negativity that likes to sneak in there.
I'm just so excited that this year is over and done with. Now I just need a job.


Di, are you still living there? We should hang out if you are. I'm bringing a couple of new found friends from CalArts with me and I'm going to show them the town. Wheee!!

12 May 2010

which is it

Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it
Stop it

10 May 2010

tear down this wall

I am, as of late, realizing how many walls I've built up around me and through me, to the point where I cannot move. I am not Lynne when I am at this school because I do not share my full and true self with very many people. There is not much truth remaining in the stony version of me. It's no wonder I feel so alone when I do not reach out to others myself. I'm just scared is all, because I care too much about what they think. I'm scared of getting hurt...again. The healing is so hard and so arduous. Yet what is life, but suffering? If I were the honest version of myself, I would just love. That's it. Love.

05 May 2010

Why have I been so down lately? I can't figure out my own heart. I feel very lost.

04 May 2010


I didn't want the opera and she gave me the opera. I think she did it to spite me or something. I wanted to do Desire Under the Elms with Zoe and Liz.

I guess this means I'll be putting a lot of heart and soul into a Coffeehouse piece in the fall.

02 May 2010

all I know is Love will wake me up

Dear Elise Witek,
I know that we never hung out that much when we were in the English and Theatre programs in college, but I love your music and I perpetually have "All I Know" stuck in my head because that song is me. I am many times over tempted to post lines from that song as my facebook status, but then I remember that that might be weird. I hope you keep writing and producing new work because I will most certainly buy those future albums.


01 May 2010

without these, I would've just died alone, poor, and starving in a ditch

I have new glasses. Do you like them? I think they make me look like a 1950's nerd, which is certainly more awesome than my old black ones.
Praise God that someone a long time ago invented eyeglasses (and contacts!) because I would be helpless without them.