24 February 2011


New favorite blog has to be WhatTheJazz.com. Why? Where else on the internet are you going to get an RSS feed on stuff like this:


22 February 2011

Where did my heart go? It's been three and a half years since it skipped a beat for anyone. Where has it gone?

Perhaps it went for a swim in the depths of the Mariana Trench and got lost. Or maybe it hitch hiked its way through the Rockies and got bit by poisonous snake. Or maybe it's been spending all its gold on fortifying the castle walls.

I miss that playful joyful skip.

21 February 2011


Church Harem \ˈchərch ˈher-əm -noun
Contemporary (primarily evangelical) Christian worship team comprised of male instrument players and female singers. Male leader must play guitar. Common attributes among the females: unnecessary six-part harmonies, color coordinated t-shirts, and excessive vibrato. Prayers in between songs that involve the word "just" are very common.

02 February 2011


I should have brought my big fluffy robe to school with me. Because it would help me feel a little less like crying today. Why? Because I have less than a week to come up with some brilliant design for Romeo and Juliet and I want something to wrap around my body and encase me in some kind of comfort. Maybe that's why I also really want to buy that Tenth Doctor coat.