06 January 2011

RIP Opera Project

After a long hard struggle, the Opera Project at CalArts has finally breathed its last. It went into a coma three months ago, when it was brutally beaten in a back alley by the School of Music. It awoke again, a week later, but it was never the same. It had trouble communicating. No one quite understood this new opera. Only a month later it was on its way home from the hospital when the School of Music struck again. This time, it wasn't so lucky. In a series of risky operations and intensive life support assistance, they were able to save it, although it never woke from its coma. Finally, after months of anguish, difficult conversations, and a variety of proposals, the family pulled the plug. The life support system was cut and the Opera Project is gone.

May it rest in peace.

(only...what am I going to do?)