10 May 2010

tear down this wall

I am, as of late, realizing how many walls I've built up around me and through me, to the point where I cannot move. I am not Lynne when I am at this school because I do not share my full and true self with very many people. There is not much truth remaining in the stony version of me. It's no wonder I feel so alone when I do not reach out to others myself. I'm just scared is all, because I care too much about what they think. I'm scared of getting hurt...again. The healing is so hard and so arduous. Yet what is life, but suffering? If I were the honest version of myself, I would just love. That's it. Love.

1 comment:

  1. love, be loved. it will all come back in the end. your toiling for truth and love will be rewarded.