27 May 2010


Bianca and her boyfriend, Steve, watched New Moon this evening and I dared to join them. I suggested Rifftrax as exemplified above, but they said no. Unfortunately.

New Moon was significantly better than Twilight, which is saying a lot. I think that the best way to sum up the movie is to quote Steve: "Wait, did she just say, 'I love you, don't make me choose, because it'll always be him'? What a cunt!!"

There it is, ladies and gentlemen. Stephanie Meyer is teaching the next generation of women to find their only worth and value in the love men give them and thereby reverse the advances of 50 years of feminism by making such a disastrous female the heroine of a poorly devised narrative.

Seriously, if more young women out there would read Jane Austen, they might learn a thing or two about life and love before they throw themselves at the first shiny vampire they meet.

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