23 February 2009

two things

My heart was simply lifted of turmoil within 15 minutes and two phone calls.

1) I called NYU to cancel my appointment for my design interview. I explained that I could not fly to New York for financial reasons and she was very concerned about this. However, instead of simply withdrawing my application, she is going to try to work it out that I can mail my portfolio instead. I know that my chances of getting into a school like NYU are not incredibly high especially if the faculty is not going to meet me in person, but the kindness that the woman I spoke to showed me in understanding my situation really impressed me.

2) I used to see a chiropractor when I lived in Santa Barbara, however, when my insurance changed I could no longer afford to continue going. I called him today to see how much he would charge me for a visit and he quoted me at $35. $35!! I am so so grateful! I have never been shown so much care and respect by a physician than this man and he's only going to charge me $35. I have to pay a $20 co-pay just when I see a regular doctor. I'm going to see him this week when I come to see Mueveme Muevete. When I got off the phone with him, I started crying out of sheer relief because there's hope that this sciatic pain is not going to last forever even though it's felt as though it is going to. This Friday, it will have been a month. I'm ready for my foot to stop being numb 24/7. I know that he probably will not be able to cure me with one visit but I think that at least one visit will help.

EDIT: There's a third thing! Woo hoo!!

3) The dad of the couple I babysat for in high school needs someone at his law firm to do scanning work for all their paperwork. They are working on converting everything electronically. And I told them that I wasn't getting enough hours at work, sooooo I've got a second job! The secretary at his office called me today and I'll be going in tomorrow! It's going to be horribly horribly boring but I'm super stoked because I need the money quite badly. This is truly an answer to prayer! Thank you, God!


  1. I'm gonna throw a party just for you tonight!

    Except that I live alone.

    in a basement.

    Miles from civilization.

    So it'll mostly be in my head but I bet you'll hear the excited cheering from way out there.

  2. LOL! Kellie, you are fantastic! We can both have a party in our solitary versions of the universe :D

  3. Good to hear that you got some good news! And I'll be praying, regarding the family issue you mentioned in your last entry.

    When are you going to see Mueveme Muevete? I'll probably be seeing it on Friday.

  4. Truth be told, I know that I will want to see it more than once. So I reserved tickets for Thursday and Friday :)