12 February 2009

a solution

It would seem that sophomore year has served me well.

Since I've been quite stuck on this play business and trying to find a way to fix some of the holes in the narrative, I decided to stick to the advice that John Wilder gave me three years ago: step outline.

A step outline is where you break down your story scene by scene, moment by moment, so that way when you go to write the story will flow freely and orderly. I did not do this the first time around with this script, which is probably why the holes exist. So I spent about an hour writing the step outline for the play. Having a summarized whole in front of me helped me see what needed filling. I then spent another hour making notes and writing outlines for scenes that could be added and giving more complications to the story. I think I fixed it. I think it will work. Now I just need to add some more fantastical scenes and it will be spectacular.

This is one messed up love triangle like none I've ever witnessed before.

I've been considering writing a post dedicated to the dreaded holiday coming up on Saturday. We'll see if I'm in an emotional enough mood between now and then to really do what I've been thinking. I work 4pm to midnight that day, so I guess I have an excuse to say that I have plans. Bleh.

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