11 February 2010

my life as MBTI

If I could order my life around personality typing, I would.

My best friends would be INFJs and ENFPs.
My roommate would be an ENFP.
I would marry an INFP.
Anyone whose's -N-J would make a great colleague.
ENFJs, ENTJs, ENTPs, ESFJs, ISFJs, ISFPs, and including the above mentioned would be included in my circle of friends.
I would love to learn from a (stable) INTJ.
I would stay away from the ESFPs, as they usually disappoint me.
And I'll probably avoid an ISTP at all costs. We wouldn't understand each other at all.


  1. I'm an INTJ...and I think I'm pretty stable. I don't really agree with the full description of INTJ as it applies to me...because I've never been particularly interested in the hard sciences or in problem solving. I also don't consider myself super rational or scientific...

  2. The reason why I say "stable" is because one of the girls who lives in my house is INTJ and is kind of crazy. But I have a ton of friends (including you) who are INTJ, so I know it's has more to do with her family turning her into a crazy than the type.

    Oh, and supposedly Jane Austen was INTJ :D

  3. I suppose I'm an enfj/infj although I haven't taken that test in a while and tend to fluctuate. I feel like I'm not such a static person to begin with. I hardly even remember what the letters mean anymore. I feel like I have been gliding closer to E rather than I for a while now--I remember those two.

    Maybe N stands for "nerd"
    F is for "Fabulous"
    and J is for "Jealousy/Jelly Beans" depending on the weather of course.

  4. Hi Lynne! Look at me! I like attention! Lynne!


  5. Firstly, J is for jellybeans, definitely jellybeans.

    Secondly, what??

    Thirdly, I like the descriptions at: personalitypage.com and there is a free MBTI test: