07 September 2009

Rob Bell

I know I've posted about this before, but Rob Bell is a gift to this world from God. He is the only pastor/preacher/whatever you want to call him that truly speaks to today's world. God speaks to me through this man. I've been in churches where the approach is to tell the congregation what their getting wrong and that Jesus is better. It makes me feel either angry or guilty. Instead, Rob Bell talks about all the ways that Jesus is better and lets you see for yourself what needs to change.

Go check out his sermons on iTunes. Mars Hill Bible Church.


  1. He's awesome...I really enjoy him, as well as Donald Miller. I sometimes like Donald Miller even more so, because he always comes off as the average guy.

    Thanks for pointing out those sermons though...I'm certainly going to add that to my list of podcasts to listen to at work.

  2. I got an advance copy of Don Miller's new book from work and it's absolutely fantastic! I'll let you borrow it when I finish, if you like.

  3. That would be great! I've been looking forward to that new one.