26 July 2009

home is where'er you rest your rump

Two fabulous roommates and a spectacular house. That is the result of my trek to the Santa Clarita Valley. I also managed to forget my wallet at home. Travelling (albeit not a long distance, but still) with no money and no license makes me nervous.

Why am I so restless lately?

I planning to make a dress form soon. And I may do something radical with my appearance. Maybe it's part of this restless thing.

Stirring stirring stirring. I want to do this:

Have discovered the other Feist-y albums. Pure love.

I want to be feisty.


  1. Which Feist-y albums are you referring to? I'm a big fan of hers actually...and secure enough in my manhood to say that.

    I have a thing for Zooey Deschanel too...I guess you could call it a crush.

  2. Let It Die. I've had The Reminder for a while. I love her music, it's so so so good. Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson are also some favorites. Do you know about She & Him? That's the band Zooey sings in. Actually, I'm playing the album right now :)