11 June 2011


What is the purpose of a facebook poke? I find it very confusing.
There are currently three people poking me: Ruth, my sister, and a guy I knew from Redlands.

My feelings about the pokes:
Ruth: well, it makes me smile when I see that she has poked me, because she is a few thousand miles away and I miss my best friend. We poke each other about once a week, which seems to be an appropriate amount of time.

My sister: she started poking me while she was here in CA on vacation (she moved to Colorado last fall). And then, when I responded, she would poke back almost immediately. If I continued to poke back immediately, then this would mean being on facebook for more time than I already do and poking her ten times a day. I get an email every time she pokes me, which sort of sets me up for disappointment, because I think it's a really important kind of email or something, but no. Alas, I have been poked. I could turn off the notification, but for some reason I don't wish to.

Guy from Redlands: okay, so this one is just weird. I talked to him very briefly one summer in between freshmen and sophomore year at the college group at church. I thought maybe he was flirting with me. But I didn't see him again until two months later, again randomly at church. We became facebook friends sometime between then and now. My sister mentioned once that she thinks he is really really weird, which then biased me towards that opinion. I don't think of him without thinking that my sister thinks he is weird. Last fall he fb messaged me wanting to know what I've been up to. This was only a couple weeks after I saw (again on fb) that he broke up with a girl that he was engaged to. We chatted on message back and forth for a little bit, but I still can't get that thought that he is weird out of my head. But, that's not really saying much I guess because my sister thinks that most of my friends are really weird. I think I hid his poking a few months ago and now he's poked me again AND messaged me complaining that we haven't poked each other in a while.

WHAT?? I mean, really, WHAT??
I do not understand facebook communication. Social media has taken over the world, but I will still prefer face to face interaction and his pestering me, is mighty strange, since we barely know each other, but he wants us to hang out because we're both artists (he does graphic design) and he continuously compliments me of how talented I am in these fb messages.

What is the purpose of a poke?

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