24 November 2010

they're here

When I was a kid, I used to think that when I couldn't find my parents that the rapture had happened without me. Now in kid time, 30 seconds can seem like several minutes. I used to be truly terrified that I was left behind and would have to fend for myself.

Today this fear manifested itself in a different way. I am currently in Redlands at my mom's house, waiting for my mom to get off work. Once she arrives, our plan is to have lunch and then spend the afternoon at Disneyland. She said she would be here by noon, and it is now 12:36pm. I thought, "I wonder what's keeping her?" Instead of something logical, like something at work taking too long, or Thanksgiving traffic, etc, my mind immediately goes to Zombie Apocalypse.

Which then, I jumped directly to deciding on what my survival strategy is. Weapon resources: limited, my mom does not own a firearm, nor any large butcher knives. However, there might be a shovel or a pitchfork in the shed. Done. Transportation: I have my car, but only a quarter tank of gas. I would need to go into town to fill up. This might be tricky depending on how quickly the virus has spread.

Because I'm me, I would want to get as far away from the action as possible, because I don't know how capable I would be to fend off the zombies. But I've never gone camping, we don't have any camping gear, though there are a couple of sleeping bags. I wouldn't want to head back to Santa Clarita because Santa Clarita is a death trap being so close to LA and there aren't a lot of options for where you can go. North or south. Actually, going to the Santa Paula/Fillmore Valley might not be a bad idea. There's a lake and it's remote enough that you have to travel by car to get there.

Nevermind, she just pulled up the driveway.

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