10 June 2010

the Germans capitalize all their nouns

Punctuation and capitalization heavily influences my writing style (including my poetry), and I thought it might be nice to explain my how I use capitalization. Though this may be something commonly deciphered. Oh well.

Here are two examples:

you - referring to the other, more intimate than the use of "they." Can be either singular or plural. I like clarifying the singular and plural in my poetry, specifically.
You - pretty much always God, the ultimate other being.

love - an emotion that is inexplicable but often expresses an attachment to someone/something
Love - the ultimate love that encompasses emotion and action into the best of anything and everyone that exists in the universe. This love is the love I constantly yearn for, sometimes feeling it physically at the core of my being.

Is this silly? Maybe. But there something symbolic to me about capitalizing a word.

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