07 September 2008

different than what you expected

After seeing a fabulous reworked show of "CUTS" I went out for drinks with a few graduated theatre faces and had a wonderful time. We talked about all our previous adventures, current hopes, and many aspirations. One of the lovely ladies present asked me to help design "Twelfth Night" which she will be directing at the high school where she teaches drama. I'm so stoked because it proves that even though I've graduated and now I'm moving home, the adventure certainly is not over. I have more projects to do and things to accomplish between now and the fall of 2009.

I'm so excited.

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  1. hey...yeah i visited both houses..they were great. i love it here...and am definitely making crazy times for myself...haha. i just left york and arrived in london. ill post more soon. love you

    ps. im glad you had such a good time during and after cuts...wish i could have been there.